Author Topic: just a friendly reminder about manners in a forum  (Read 6958 times)

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just a friendly reminder about manners in a forum
« on: May 26, 2004, 12:19AM »
i was reading through some of the posts and as usual i was really struck by the aggressiveness and attitude of some of the posters, and more so one new-ish user in particular stands out, but certainly not all.

you will not gain much respect with something like that (coming here and being a smartarse). on the other hand, if you have earnt respect, in some cases the regular rules do not apply to you any more, you make em and you break em (sometimes)

currently there are 600 odd other members here, and of course a few people wont care if you come here to cause trouble, they'll ignore you and go about their daily business, but a large percentage of the members here will care, and if you come in here being a smartarse, your time here will be very short lived.

also, kind of related, but not referring to the same person/people here, please DO NOT USE CAPITAL LETTERS FOR THE ENTIRETY OF YOUR POST when you have been on forums for a long time, you start to see it in a similar way to a crowded room of people. typing like so, in lowercase letters, generally means your having a conversation with someone, talking at a normal level, HOWEVER when you use capitals, the general interperetaion is that YOU ARE YELLING. so in future, just a friendly note for people that are new to forums, try and avoid capitals and while we're here, avoid using excessive !!!!!! and ?? ?? ?? as repeated exclamation or question marks generally means someone is trying to convey an action or an emotion of being confused, or dumfounded (??) or alarmed and angry (!!)

while i'm on a roll, this big shiny thing your reading this on is a computer screen. NOT A MOBILE PHONE no one here tolerates posts that look like they came from a 13yo kids mobile phone. i dun evn tlk lyk dis on me mob m8, i write full words in my sms, and especially here on the forums.
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