Author Topic: (NNSW) SOLD for $100 - 91 PINTARA NEED GONE.-BLOWN VALVE  (Read 1083 times)

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Sold for $100.   
Quite hilarious really!

It recently blew a valve and has no compression in cylinder 2.
It still has 9 months rego left on it which i am about to cancel so I can get a ctp refund.

Whole body is still in good condition for its age
CA20E Automatic
Has 4 newish Maxxis tyres that are 4 months old with good tread.
4 x 14" factory nissan spoked alloy wheels
Front and rear wheel alignment at rego
New (3 months): front RDA slotted and dimpled disc rotars with new pads
Brakes well, no vibrations at all.
New (3 month old): steering rack boot, inner and outer cv boots, cv joints, control arm bushes, tie rod ends, rack ends, trailing arm bushes.
Steering column been tightened.
Wildcat extractors 1yr old
New: rocker cover gasket,
Head gasket is 1 year old
New alternator ( 6 months old)
New left wheel bearing (6 months old)
Exhaust has been fixed and has no leaks
Air-con works and is cold but needs new blower resistor in dash fan as only works on speed 4.
Blows no smoke
Was still driving as took it home from mechanics down the road but due to no compression in cylinder 2, it won't go fast.

Don't want to see it dumped at the wreckers as they are getting hard to find in one piece at any wrecker these days.

Good for spare parts or wack another motor in and re register it or put a new reconditioned cylinder head in and you are ready to go.
Has 125000 on clock but the odometre cog gear has stopped so unsure of the kms.


See gumtree for more pics. Having upload trouble on this site

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Re: (NNSW) 91 Pintara for sale $150
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Pic is a few months old so car has new tyres now, rest looks the same but with leaves and tree bits on it so thought id post a clean pic
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