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« on: Jan 12, 2015, 09:00AM »
Hello everyone! My name is Cass and I have recently come into possession of a 1996 Bluebird SSS in some kind of green.

I bought this car after my street flooded and wrote off both my 1996 Skyline GTS-t and my 2004 Subaru Liberty 3.0R-B in October last year. All was insured but it was devastating to lose my Skyline after 7 years of breaking, fixing, cruises, track days, drift days and general shena[i seem to suffer from tourettes]ns.

But enough of that and more about my ADM U13!

I bought this car initially as an intermediate car until I figure out what I want next, but I have to say out of all the cars I have bought this is definitely the most surprising with how nice it is to drive :)

My only gripes so far are as follows
Oil filter location... really Nissan? On the firewall side of the engine  ::)
18 year old speakers that are more dust particles than paper/cardboard
A clicking CV a few days after I found that the CV boot was damaged... I'll be (hopefully) pulling this apart in the next few days and replacing the shaft
Slushbox automatic, would be even nicer with a conventional manual
The mileage of 108000 kms is probably not legit :/. What can I say, it came up at the right time, in the right condition and the right price!

That's all from me for the moment :)
"We produced with Spartan air"