Author Topic: Rust !?! WHERE  (Read 801 times)

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Rust !?! WHERE
« on: Sep 29, 2013, 04:04PM »
 :'( Does anyone else here have NO rust :o in there SSS 8)I have always rust proffed my cars to help against this Metel Eating MONSTER >:( I also used Lenin oil for rust prevention last time,it should be done every few years depending on your climate,etc,it smells ok & doesn't seem as tacky as some eg  underbody (shults) say mixed with other preferences like fishiol,etc,easier also to clean off excess runoff,SO why dosent  this model rust?man its weird?does the Japanese metal ::) have a lot of Zincalume mixed in or are the Zapped electrically,All the wiring putting out some crazy eiectric rust off field :D I worked with my Dad pannelbeating as a young bloke and RUST :( can break the best,perhaps I Am Fortunate This Attesa was Minged or some other rust proofed treatment from new :)HOW are your rides with cancer?in this year of breeds :-\HNU12 sept 1991 ;D/1989=1991.cheers in Nissan input-output ;)