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Yue Loong Drivers
« on: Sep 29, 2013, 05:05AM »
 lol,thats the Japaneese name for the 941 Nissan Bluebird U12  :-X The RNU12 was made from 1981/1990 also available with the C18DET MOTOR.The TRX came in a 4Door plus a 2.4L. >:(In 1989/1991 The Famous :oSR20DET Series 2 Attesa AWD SSS LTD (E)-HNU12 Pillarless HardTop  :P(lol)Yes that's My Ride) ::) The 1991 2000 SSS-G E-HNU13 AWD. ;)The 1991 2000 SSS E-HNU12 Appears not to be a awd? :'(Yet mine is a E-Hnu12 AWD!?! ;D In 1991/1993 The  iD tag was the E-HNU13 and the Turbo motor was the SR20DET :-\The SSS 200 appears to be the Bubble lool Bluebird and not the Slim line panel look ???,Chech out the in YAHOO,Also in Wikipedia. I know all have seen before but interesting as is up my alley,so Yue Loong Lovers :o I was thinking they could of drooped 1 O in Loong/Long and made u guys a Pillarless Model and Taged Her (Y L-U12) Young Luv!?!ha,Just hvn a late night Grin:-) PS I may not have it spot on But I am N/P !X!(lol)Cheers in Nismo Rules!.