Author Topic: hi ho. thought id say hello.  (Read 1212 times)

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hi ho. thought id say hello.
« on: Feb 20, 2012, 09:10PM »
hey there everyone,

im mat, living in S.A. and have got myself a pretty tidy white u12 trx pinny. picked it up cheap from a friend for $1200 and its pretty well up to stratch regaurds to maintenence, as its already got a new clutch, water pump, driveshafts etc. so it would be a pretty good daily drive but as i am currently unlicenced due to matters i wont go an about and still have six months to go before i do get it back i have decided to start work on the trx and go about upping the power output in the way of forced induction... hehe  ;D

gonna go about it bit by bit, slowly but surely i will get there lol. planning to make my own manifold offsetting the turbo flange so i dont run into clearance issues with any existing items in the engine bay. planning to relocate the battery to the boot to free up some space in the bay.. still undecided regaurds to internally or externally gated turbo... but will be making all the pipework myself including cooler piping, inlet, dump pipe (if i dont get on with the turbo) and exhaust system including flanges im hoping.

will get round to a heavy clutch and some coilies to stiffen the old girl up abit.. toying with the idea of going with the DOHC cyl head when i pull the head off for the metal headgasket fitment... not sure yet... but thats the story for this point in time.. will be sure to post pics as i go with the build and will prob hit up a few ppl on here for some info and help etc lol.

but til then cherio


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Re: hi ho. thought id say hello.
« Reply #1 on: Aug 21, 2012, 01:57PM »
Do it with the filter off, or get a ratchet spanner.