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head gasket problem?
« on: Aug 5, 2010, 11:46AM »
Hi everyone
I love cars and I know a bit about them 'in theory', but other than that am not too car savvy

I while back I got my hands on a 1987 U12 4WD bluebird with an SR20DE for my daily driver while my sr20de powered ae86 is in the shop.
I would post a pic but apparently I'm not allowed to post links -

I got her really cheap because the engine was buggered, I got a friend to help me replace the engine with one from a 4WD U13 (engine was hard to find in 4WD).

Now that I've been running the "new" engine for a while now I've noticed a lot of corrosion in the cooling system, there was plenty of anti-freeze in there but has now turned brown and there is brown foam in the cooling reservoir, I've done some research and hear this means there's oil in the cooling system due to a leak in a gasket somewhere. When revving the engine with the radiator cap off the water doesn't gush out, it just overflows a little. I don't think it over heats but the temp gauge only works on some occasions, I believe this is due to the car not having a thermostat. The car uses barely any oil and water.

Is this something to worry about? what do you recommend I should do? I don't really want to spend too much money as its just a run-about car, I'd rather spend the cash on the ae86. I want to make a 300km (186 mile) round trip this weekend but not sure if I should? I can get some pics or even a video if it helps explain the problem