Author Topic: WTB- U13 Front Dust Covers (Import Twin Pot Spec).  (Read 528 times)

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WTB- U13 Front Dust Covers (Import Twin Pot Spec).
« on: Jul 12, 2010, 09:49PM »
Hey U13 Kids,

If any of you have U13 Dust covers lying around as I CBF (yet) raiding some from the wreckers let us know.

I have no F-iN Idea if they differentiate between the standard spec (ADM) and the import twin pot (Attesa) versions but I'm assuming they are the same. Anyone confirm this?

PM or post here if you have some.

I'm in Brisbane but if coming from outside of Bris can pay postage once I have also gathered pricing locally.


Ill fight you. May even throw a bar of soap your way. Maybe a few wax strips and some clip on brembo brake calipers for your fooly sic civic.