Author Topic: u13 attesa twin piston brake pads bendix part number  (Read 9430 times)

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Re: u13 attesa twin piston brake pads bendix part number
« Reply #30 on: Apr 29, 2009, 12:26PM »
bringing this back up from the dead.

I've been using so far ENDLESS EP298 in the SSS compound which have been very good (on the street however). As I've been getting these from japan, have been looking for something more local

I had ordered some EBC front and rear pads. I ordered N/A R33 pads, but got totally different ones (for some reason they have diff pads listed for the same car).

as mentioned above the correct part no. is DP1046 but this seems to only be avail in blackstuff.

I'll update once I find alternatives.

I've already got the bigger ones installed
didnt even hack away at them, just wedged in fine :)

Theres just no performance pads for our car though, all the ones listed are just standard ones.
Marty did you just put the larger DP21082 pads straight in without grinding them? did this leave overhang of the pad?
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Re: u13 attesa twin piston brake pads bendix part number
« Reply #31 on: May 3, 2009, 03:24PM »
originally I just wedged them in, but then got my hands on a grinder and did it the proper way.
they didn't need a lot of grinding, like a few mm.
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