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ca20 timing belt - info
« on: Nov 24, 2005, 09:54AM »
just replaced my belt - and will give some info

timing belt should be renewed every 100,000k OR every 5 years according to fsm*

this is a pain in the arse job

To use a non oem belt: they have no markings but at $13 for a bosch compared to $50 for a nissan
to add timing markings to your non-genuine belt -
place belt on table in front of you - so tightest curve is on left ie.cuves this way ) and writing on belt goes left -> right (I think)
put a mark(white or bright dot/dab) between 2 teeth at the top of belt(put it on belt edge)
count 45 teeth clockwise - put 2nd spot on edge of belt between teeth (ie. 45 teeth marks) this second spot will line up with crank mark. when you put belt on - so you can see spots it should be on in the right direction. - or spend the extra & get a nissan.

SPECIAL TOOLS: (assuming you have the norm)
torqx bit - size 45 ..for belt tensioner

to remove last bolt on water pump pulley - I had to make up a tool - a ft long piece of metal with a hole drilled thru for water pulley bolt to hold pulley still to loosen last bolt.
22mm socket for crank pulley bolt(u should have this already)

hardest part: resetting the spring on the tensioner
pita: removing belt tension on power steering belt - a ratcheting ring spanner is highly recommended.

helpul hint: partially drain coolant - so you can remove radiator hose in front of timing cover, it makes access so much easier.

*mine was about 70,000k(7+yrs) since last done, and when I pulled it out - it was in APALLING condition. The reason for this is most likely the amount of oily sludge at bottom of timing cover area/pulley. OIL & WATER kill these belts.

The reason I changed mine - was that I'd pulled off the top cover and noticed some edge fraying of the belt (but apart from that it looked ok), so thought I'd better change it. It wasn't ok, it was cracking/disintegrating on the tooth side.

may continue later
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Re: ca20 timing belt - info
« Reply #1 on: Dec 7, 2020, 02:29AM »
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