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Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms for the Automotive Industry

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2V - Two (Venturi) Valve (two barrel carburetor)
2WS - Two Wheel Steer
3GR - Third Gear
4GR - Fourth Gear
4EAT - Four speed Electronic Automatic Transmission
4R70W - Four speed, Rear wheel drive, (up to) 700 lb/ft torque rated, Wide ratio
4R100 - Four speed, Rear wheel drive, (up to) 1000 lb/ft torque rated
4V - Four (Venturi) Valve (four barrel carburetor)
4WAL - Four Wheel Antilock
4WAS - Four Wheel Air Suspension
4WD - Four Wheel Drive
4WS - Four Wheel Steer
5R55W - Five speed, Rear wheel drive, (up to) 550 lb/ft torque rated, Wide ratio

A - Amperes
A-6 - Axial 6 cylinder A/C compressor
AALA - American Automobile Labelling Act
AAT - Ambient Air Temperature
ABARS - Automobile Backward Automatic Ranging System
ABC - Active Body Control
ABS - Antilock Brake System
AC - Alternating Current
A/C - Air Conditioning
ACC - Adaptive Cruise Control
ACC - Air Conditioning Clutch
ACC - Automatic Climate Control
accel - Acceleration
ACCS - Air Conditioning Cyclic Switch
accum - Accumulator
accy - Accessory
ACD - Air Conditioning Demand
ACE - Active Cornering Enhancement
ACL - Air cleaner
ACM - Airbag Control Module
ACM - Audio Control Module
ACR4 - Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Recovery, Recycling, Recharging
ACON - Air Conditioning On
ACP - Air Conditioning Pressure
act - Actual
ACT - Air Charge Temperature
actv - Activate
ACV - (thermactor) Air Control Valve
A/D - Analog to Digital
AD - Accomodated Device
adapt - Adaptive
adapts - Adapters
ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance System
ADBV - Anti Drainback Valve
ADC - Automatic Distance Control
ADG - Accomodated Device Gateway
adj - Adjust
ADL - Automatic Door Lock
ADS - Auxilliary Discriminating Sensor
ADU - Analog-Digital Unit
AECM - Airbag Electronic Control Module
A/F - Air Fuel Ratio (see also AFR)
AFC - Air Flow Control
AFC - Air Fuel Control
AFCD - Advanced Frontal Crash Dummy
AFCM - Alternate Fuel Control Module
AFECM - Alternate Fuel Engine Control Module
AFO - Alternate Fuel Operation
AFR - Air Fuel Ratio (see also A/F)
aft - After
AGSP - Auxilliary Gauge Switch Pack
AGVS - Automated Guided Vehicle System
AHLD - Automatic Headlamp Levelling Device
AHR - Active Head Restraint
ahrs - Amp Hours
AHS - Active Handling System
AIM - Automotive Interior Material
AIR - Air Injection Reaction (Secondary air injection)
AIRB - Secondary Air Injection Bypass
AIRD - Secondary Air Injection Diverter
AIS - Automatic Idle Speed
ALC - Automatic Lamp Control
ALC - Automatic Level Control
ALCL - Assembly Line Communications Link (replaced with DLC)
ALDL - Assembly Line Data Link (replaced with DLC)
ALM - Adaptive Learn Matrix
ALR - Automatic Locking Retractor
Alt - Alternative
ALT - Alternator (replaced with GEN)
AM - Amplitude Modulation
AMB - Ambient
AMM - Air Mass Meter
amp - Amplifier
amps - Amperes or Amperage
AMS - Automatic Music Search
AMT - Automated Manual Transmission
AOD - Automatic Overdrive
AODE - Automatic Overdrive Electronic (transmission)
AODE-W - Automatic Overdrive Electronic - Wide ratio (transmission)
AOS - Automatic Occupant Sensing
AP - Accelerator Pedal
APO - Accessory Power Outlets
APP - Accelerator Pedal Position
APADS - Air Conditioning Protection and Diagnostic System
APECS - Advanced Proportional Engine Control System
API - American Petroleum Institute
APT - Adjustable part Throttle
ARC - Active Roll Control
ARC - Automatic Ride Control
ARS - Adaptive Receptive System
ARS - Automatic Restraint System
ARTHUR - Automatic Radio system for Traffic situations on Highways and Urban Roads
ASA - Air Signal Attenuator
ASA - Automatic Slack Adjuster
ASARC - Air Suspension Automatic Ride Control
ASC - Anti Stall Control
ASD - Automatic Shutdown
ASF - Audi Space Frame
ASG - Automatic-Shift Gearbox
ASM - Acceleration Simulation Mode
ASM - Air Solenoid Module
ASM - Alarm Siren Module
asm - Assembly
ASR - Acceleration Slip Regulation
ASSYST - Active Service System
ASTC - Automatic Stability and Traction Control
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
A/T - Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
ATC - Automatic Temperature Control
ATDC - After Top Dead Center
ATF - Active Transfer Case
ATF - Automatic Transfer Case
ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATM - Actuator Test Mode
ATTS - Advanced Torque Transfer System
ATX - Automatic Transaxle
AWD - All Wheel Drive
AWG - American Wire Gage
AYC - Active Yaw Control
AXOD - Automatic Overdrive Transaxle
AXOD-E - Automatic Overdrive Transaxle - Electronically Controlled

B+ - Battery positive (voltage)
BARO - Barometric (pressure)
BAS - Brake Apply Sensor
batt - Battery
BBV - Brake Booster Vacuum
BCM - Body Control Module
BECU - Body Electronic Control Unit
BFC - Body Function Controller
BHP - Brake Horsepower
BLM - Block Learn Multiplier (replaced with LT FUEL TRIM)
B-LVL - Bilevel
BLW - Brake Lining Wear
BMAP - Barometric and Manifold Absolute Pressure
bn - Bank
BOB - Break-Out Box
BOO - Brake On/Off
BP - Back Pressure
BPA - Bypass Air
BPCM - Battery Pack Control Module
BPMV - Brake Pressure Modulator Valve
BPP - Brake Pedal Position
BPW - base pulse width
BSFC - Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
BTCM - Brake Torque Control Module
BTDC - Before Top Dead Center
BTSI - Brake Transmission Shift Interlock
Btu - British thermal units
BV - Battery Voltage

C3I - Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
CAB - Controller, Antilock Brake
CAC - Charge Air Cooler
CAFC - Company Average Fuel Consumption (Canada)
CAFE - Corporate Average Fuel Economy (USA)
cal - Calibration
calc - Calculated
CALID - Calibration Identification
Calif - California
CAMM - Computer Aided Manufacturing Measurement
CAMS - Computerized Automotive Maintenance System
CAN - Controlled Area Network
CANP - Canister Purge (solenoid)
CARB - California Air Resources Board
CARS - Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council
CASE - Cranking Angle Sensing Error
cass - Cassette
CATS - Computer Aided Test Suite
CC - Climate Control
CC - Cruise Control
CCC - Computer Command Control
CCD - Chrysler Collision Detection
CCCD - Catalytic Converter Cool-Down
CCD - Computer Controlled Dwell
CCDIC - Climate Control Driver Information Center
CCFL - Cold-Cathode Flourescent Lamp
CCM - Central Control Module
CCO - Converter Clutch Override
CCOT - Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube
CCP - Climate Control Panel
CCP - Controlled Canister Purge
CCRM - Constant Control Relay Module
CCS - Coast Clutch Solenoid
CCW - Counter ClockWise
CD - Compact Disc
CDA - Cylinder De-Activation
CDR - Chrysler Diagnostic Readout
CDR - Crash Data Retrieval
CDRV - Crankcase Depression Regulator Valve
CDX - Compact Disc Changer
CE - Commutator End
CEL - Check Engine Lamp (replaced with MIL)
CEAB - Cold Engine Air Bleed
CEMF - Counter Electromotive Force
CEMS - Catalyst Efficiency Management System
CEMS - Carbureted Engine Management System
CFI - Central Fuel Injection (replaced with TBI)
CFI - Continuous Fuel Injection
CFI - Cross Fire Injection
CHMSL - Center High Mounted Stop Lamp
CID - Component Identification
CID - Cubic Inch Displacement
CID - Cylinder Identification
CJC - Collision Judgement Coefficient
CKP - Crankshaft Position
CKT - Circuit
CL - Closed Loop
CLC - Converter Lockup Clutch (replaced with TCC)
CLCC - Closed Loop Carburetor Control
CLTBI - Closed Loop Throttle Body Injection
CLYC - Closed Loop Yaw Control
CLNT - Coolant
CMFI - Central Multi-port Fuel Injection
cmd - Command
cmdd - Commanded
CMP - Camshaft Position
CMVSS - Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
CNG - Compressed Natural Gas
CO - Carbon Monoxide
CO2 - Carbon Dioxide
COBDIMR - Customer On Board Diagnostics Inspection/Maintenance Readiness
COMBATT - Commercially Based Tactical Truck
combo - Combination
comm - Communication
cond - Condition
const - Constant
COP - Coil On Plug
COP - Computer Operating Properly
CP - Canister Purge
CPA - Connector Position Assurance
CPI - Central Port Fuel Injection
CPL - Control Parts List
CPM - Cellular Phone Module
CPP - Clutch Pedal Position
CPS - Cam Profile Switching
CPS - Center Panel Switches
CPS - Central Power Supply
CPS - Childseat Postioning Sensor
CPU - Central Processing Unit
CRR - Cool Running Rotor
CRT - Cathode Ray Tube
CRTS - Continuously Regenerating Trap System
CS - Charging System
CSE GND - PCM Case Ground
CSI - Compression Sense Ignition
CSM - Central Security Module
cSt - Centistokes
CSTO - Compression Sense Time-Out
CTD - Content Theft Deterent
CTM - Central Timer Module
CTOX - Continuous Trap Oxidizer
CTP - Closed Throttle Position (switch)
CTS - Coolant Temperature Sensor
CV - Constant Velocity
CVN - Calibration Verification Number
CVRSS - Continuously Variable Road Sensing Suspenion
CVRTD - Continuously Variable Real Time Damping
CVS - Canister Vent Solenoid
CVT - Continuously Variable Transmission, Transaxle
CWS - Continental Wheel System
CZS - Crash Zone Sensor

DAB - Delayed Accessory Bus
DAB - Driver AirBag (module)
DART - Diagnostic And Reprogramming Tool
dB - Decibels
dBA - decibels on A-weighted scale
DBB - Dual Bed Bead
DBM - Dual Bed Monolith
DC - Direct Current
DC - Duty Cycle
DCM - Door Control Module
DDM - Driver's Door Module
DDS - Deflection Detection System
DDS - Driver's Door Switch
DE - Drive End
dec - Decrement
DEC - Digital Electronic Controller
DERM - Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module
des - Desired
DFCO - Deceleration Fuel CutOff
DFI - Direct Fuel Injection
DGI - Direct Gasoline Injection
DI - Distributor Ignition
DIC - Driver Information Center
diff - Differential
DIM - Dashboard Integration Module
dis - Disable
DIS - Direct (aka Distributorless) Ignition System (replaced with EI)
disc - Disconnect
DISI - Direct Injection, Spark Ignition
DIST - Distributor
DIY - Do It Yourself
DLC - Data Link Connector
DLC - Diamond Logic Computer
DMCM - Driver Motor Control Module
DMM - Digital MultiMeter
DOHC - Double Overhead Cam
DNR - Dolby Noise Reduction
DOL - Data Output Line
DPFE - Differential Pressure Feedback EGR
DPI - Dual Plug Inhibit
DRB - Diagnostic Readout Box
DRF - Deactivating Roller Follower
DRL - Daytime Running Lamps
DRR - Digital Radio Receiver
DSCC - Distance Sensing Cruise Control
DSDA - Dual Stage Driver Airbag
DSI - Dual Stage Inflator
DSM - Driver's Seat module
DSO - Digital Storage Oscilloscope
DSP - Digital Signal Process
DSPA - Dual Stage Passenger Airbag
DSS - Downshift Solenoid
DSST - Dunlop Self Supporting Tire
DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code
DTM - Diagnostic Test Mode
DTT - Diesel Transmission Technologies
DVOM - Digital Volt-Ohmmeter
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E4OD - Electronic 4-Speed Overdrive
EA - Electronic Accelerator
EAC - Electronic Air Control (replaced with AIR)
EAIR - Electronic (secondary) Air Injection Reaction
EAS - Electrically Assisted Steering
EAS - Electronic Air Switching
EATC - Electronic Automatic Temperature Control
EBC - Electronic Brake Control
EBCM - Electronic Brake Control Module
EBD - Electronic Brake force Distribution
EBM - Electronic Brake Module
EBP - Exhaust Back Pressure
EBTCM - Electronic Brake and Traction Control Module
EC - Electronic Control
E&C - Entertainment and Comfort
ECA - Electronic Control Assembly (replaced with PCM)
ECC - Electronic Climate Control
ECD - Electronically Controlled Deceleration
ECI - Extended Compressor at Idle
ECL - Engine Coolant Level
ECM - Electronic Control Module
ECM - Engine Control Module
ECS - Electronic Crash Sensor
ECS - Emission Control System
ECT - Engine Coolant Temperature (Switch, Sensor)
ECU - Electronic Control Unit
EDF - Electric Drive Fan (relay)
EDIS - Electronic Direct Ignition System (replaced with EI)
EDR - Event Data Recorder
EDSR - Electronic Dealer Service (Investigation) Report
EEC - Electronic Engine Control
EEDS - Electric-Electronic Distribution System
EEPROM - Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memeory
EEVIR - Evaporator Equalized Values In Receiver
EFE - Early Fuel Evaporation
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection
EGC - Electronic Gauge Cluster
EGO - Exhaust Gas Oxygen (replaced with O2S)
EGOG - EGO Ground
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGRC - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control
EGRT - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Temperature (switch)
EGR TVV - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Thermal Vacuum Valve
EGRV - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Vent
EGTS - Exhaust Gas Temperature Switch (replaced with EGRT)
EHB - Electro-Hydraulic Brake
EHCU - Electronic Hydraulic Control Unit
EHOC - Electrically Heated Oxidation Catalyst
EHPA - Electro-Hydraulic Power Assist
EHPAS - Electric Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering
EHPS - Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering
EHTWC - Electrically Heated Three Way Catalyst
EI - Electronic Ignition (includes Distributorless Ignition System, formerly DIS)
ELC - Electronic Level Control
EM - Energy Management
EM - Engine Modification
EMAS - Engine Management and Analysis System
EMAT - Electro-Mechanical Automatic Transmission
EMB - Electromagnetic Brakes
EMB - Electro-Mechanical Brake
EMCC - Electronically Modulated Converter Clutch
EMF - ElectroMotive Force (voltage)
EMI - Electromagnetic Interference
EMR - Electronic Module Retard
EMR - Emission Maintenance Reminder
EOP - Engine Oil Pressure
EOT - Engine Oil Temperature
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
EPC - Electronic Pressure Control
EPHS - Electrically Powered Hydraulic Steering
EPR - Exhaust Pressure Regulator
EPROM - Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPS - Electric Power Steering
EPS - Electric Power Steering
EPS - Engine Position Sensor
EPT - EGR Pressure Transducer (replaced with PFE)
ERH - Extended Ride Height
ESB - Energy Storage Box
ESB - Expansion Spring Brake
ESC - Electrical Systems Controller
ESC - Electronic Spark Control
ESC - Electronic Suspension Control
ESCM - Energy Storage Control Module
ESD - Electrostatic Discharge
ESM - Electronic Steering Module
ESN - Electronic Serial Number
ESO - Engine ShutOff
ESOF - Electronic Shift On (the) Fly
ESP - Electronic Stability Program
EST - Electronic Spark Timing
ETBE - Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether
ETC - Electronic Temperature Control
ETC - Electronic Throttle Control
ETC - Electronic Timing Control
ETCC - Electronic Touch Climate Control
ETR - Electronically Tuned Receiver
ETS - Enhanced Traction System
EUDC - Extra-Urban Driving Cycle
EUDC-LP - Extra-Urban Driving Cycle for Low Power vehicles
EV - Electric Vehicle
EVA - Electronic Vibration Analyzer
EVAP - Evaporative Emission
EVAP Canister Purge - Evaporative Emission Canister Purge
EVIC - Electronic Vehicle Information Center
EVMV - Electric Vapour Management Valve
EVO - Electronic Variable Orifice
EVP - EGR Valve Position (sensor)
EVR - EGR Vacuum Regulator
EVTOP - Enhanced Tactical Vehicle Occupant Protection
EVTM - Electrical & Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual
EXH - Exhaust

F4WD - Full Time Four Wheel Drive
FABS - Flexible Auto Body System
FAF - Fan Air Flow
FBC - Feedback Carburetor
FC - Fan Control
FC - Friction Curve
FCM - Front Control module
FCP - Fuel Cell Partnership
FCU - Front Control Unit
FCV - Fuel Cell Vehicle
FDBK - Feedback
FDC - Fuel Data Center
FEAD - Front End Accessory Drive (belt)
FED - Federal (except California)
FEDS - Fuel Enable Data Stream
FEDS - Flexible Engine Diagnostic System
FEIC - Fuel Economy Integrated Counter
FET - Field Effect Transistor
FF - Flexible Fuel
FFCRS - Front-Facing Child Restraint System
FFFP - Fuel-Flexible Fuel Processor
FFS - Fine-blanking and Finishing System
FFS - Flexible Fuel Sensor
FFWS - Fuel Filter Water Separator
FI - Fuel Injection
FICM - Fuel Injector Control Module
FIDO - Flame Ionization Detector Optimization
FIM - Fuel Indicator Module
FIPL - Fuel Injection Pump Lever
FIPT - Fuel Inlet Pressure Test
Fl - Front Left
FLO - Fast Light-Off
flr - Floor
FLVV - Fill Limit Vent Valve
FM - Frequency Modulation
FMEM - Failure Mode Effects Management
FMVSS - Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
FP - Fuel Pump
FPCM - Fuel injection Pump Control Module
FPDM - Fuel Pump Driver Module
FPI - Fins Per Inch
FPM - Fuel Pump Monitor
FPR - Fuel Pump Regulator
FPRC - Fuel Pressure Regulator Circuit
FPS - Fast Pass Standard
FR - Front Right
FRACAS - Failure Reporting And Corrective Action System
FRC - Forced
freq - Frequency
frnt - Front
FRP - Fuel Rail Pressure
FRS - Face Recognition System
FRV - First Response Vehicle
FSDI - Four-Stroke, Direct Injection
FSS - Forward Sensing System
FT - Fuel Trim
FTP - Federal Test Procedure
FTP - Fuel Tank Pressure
FUDC - Federal Urban Driving Cycle
fwd - Forward
FWD - Front Wheel Drive

GA - Gage
GAWR - Gross Axle Weight Rating
GCW - Gross Combined Weight
g/cyl - Grams per Cylinder
GCWR - Gross Combined Weight Rating
GDI - Gasoline Direct Injection
GEN - Generator
GEM - Gasoline Engine Management
GEM - Generic Electronic Module
GGT - Gas Guzzler Tax
GHG - GreenHouse Gas
GISMO - Geographic Information System, Mobile
GND - Ground
GOVN - Governor Module
GPCM - Glow Plug Control Module
GPS - Global Positioning System
GS - Garage Shift
g/sec - Grams per Second
GTL - Gas To Liquid
GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight
GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

H - Hydrogen
H2O - Water
HAST - High Accelerated Stress Test
HBA - Hydraulic Brake Assist
HBU - Hub Bearing Unit
HC - Hydrocarbons
HCCI - Homogeneous-Charge, Compression Ignition
HCM - Heating Control Module
HCM - Hybrid Control Module
HCU - Hydraulic Control Unit
HCV - Heavy Commercial Vehicle
H/CMPR - High Compression
HD - Heavy Duty
HDC - Heavy Duty Cooling
HDGV - Heavy Duty Gasoline-fueled Vehicle
HD-UDDS - Heavy Duty Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule
HEC - Hybrid Electronic Cluster
HEDF - High Speed Electro Drive Fan (relay or circuit)
HEGO - Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen (sensor) (replaced with HO2S)
HEGOG - HEGO Ground (circuit)
HEPS - Hydraulic Electric Power Steering
HEUI - Hydraulic-actuated Electronically-controlled Unit Injector
HFC - High Fan Control
HFC - Hydraulic Fading Compensation
HFM - Hot Film Meter
HFP - High Fuel Pump
Hg - Mercury
Hi Alt - Hi Altitude
HID - High Intensity Discharge
HIS - Horizontal Impact Sensor
hist - History
HLDT - Heavy Light-Duty Truck
HLOS - Hardware Limited Operating Strategy
HO - High Output
HO2S - Heated Oxygen Sensor
hp - Horsepower
HPDI - High Pressure Direct Injection
HPL - High Pressure Liquid
HPP - High Pressure Pump
HPS - Head Protection System
HPS - High Performance System
HPV - High Pressure Vapour
HRC - Headlamp Range Control
HSA - Head Side Airbag
HSC - High Swirl Combustion
HSCDS - High-Sensitivity Collision Detection System
HSDI - High-Speed Direct Injection
HSE - High-Speed Enrichment
HSEA - High Solar Energy Absorbing (glass)
HTCM - Heating-ventilation-air-conditioning Thermal Control Module
HUD - Heads Up Display
HVAC - Heater-Vent-Air Conditioning
HVACM - Heater-Vent-Air Conditioning Module
HVI - High Viscosity Index
HVM - Heater Vent Mondule
HW - Heated Windshield
HWFET - Highway Fuel Economy Test (driving schedule)
HYPAS - Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering
Hz - Hertz

IA - Intake Air
IABM - Integrated AirBag Module
IAC - Idle Air Control
IAFM - Integrated Air Fuel Module
IAFS - Integrated Air Fuel System
IAT - Intake Air Temperature
iATN - International Automotive Technicians Network
IBOB - Intelligent BreakOut Box
IC - Ignition Control
IC - Integrated Circuit
ICA - Injector Cam Actuation
ICC - Intelligent Cruise Control
ICCS - Integrated Chassis Control System
ICDX - Integrated Compact Disc Changer
ICE - Internal Combustion Engine
ICM - Ignition Control Module
ICP - Injection Control Pressure
ICS - Integrated Chassis System
ICWS - Intersection Collision Warning System
ID - Identification
ID - Inside Diameter
IDI - Integrated Direct Ignition
IDIS - International Dismantling Information System
IDM - Ignition Diagnostic Module
IDM - Injector Driver Module
IEDIS - Integrated Electronic Distributorless Ignition System
IFES - Integrated Front End System
IFI - Indirect Diesel Injection
IFS - Inertia Fuel Shutoff
IFSM - Integrated Fuel System Module
IGN - Ignition
ILC - Idle Load Compensator
illum - Illumination
I/M - Inspection Maintenance
IMA - Integrated Motor Assist
IMDX - Integrated Mini Disc Changer
IMLUT - Inspection/Maintenance Look-Up Table
immo - Immobilizer
IMPR - In-use Monitor Performance Ratio
IMRC - Intake Manifold Runner Control
IMS - Inductive Magnetic Saturation
IMS - Instant Mobility System
IMT - Intake Manifold Tuning
IMTD - Intake Manifold Temperature Differential
in - Inch(es)
inadv - Inadvertant
inc - Increment
INCA - In-Car Aquisition
incand - Incandescent
infl - Inflatable
init - Initial
INJ - Injector
INP - Input
inst - Instant
int - Interior
INT - Integrator (replaced with ST FUEL TRIM)
I/O - In/Out
IOC - Instant Oil Change
I/P - Instrument Panel
IPC - Instrument Panel Cluster
IPM - Instrument Panel Module
IPM - Integrated Power Module
IPR - Injector Pressure Regulator
IRDS - Independant Rear Drive Suspension
IRQ - Interrupt Request
ISA - Integrated Starter-Alternator
ISAD - Integrated Starter Alternator Damper
ISB - Interact System B
ISC - Idle Speed Control
ISG - Integrated Starter-Generator
ISI - Ion Sensing Ignition
ISO - Interior Systems Optimization
ISO - International Standards Organization
iso - Isolation
ISS - Input Shaft Speed
ITARDA - Institute for Traffic Acccident Research and Data Analysis
ITTB - Idle Time To Boil
ITTR - Inflatable Tubular Torso Restraint
ITS - Idle Tracking Switch
IVC - Integral Vapour Canister
IVCS - Integrated Vehicle Control System
IVI - Intelligent Vehicle Initiative
IVIS - In Vehicle Information System
IVS - Idle Validation Switch
IVSC - Integrated Vehicle Speed Control
IWC - Inertia Weight Class

JARI - Japan Automotive Research Institute
JTEC - Jeep, Truck Engine Control
JTEC - Joint Transmission-Engine Controller

KAM - Keep Alive Memory
KAPWR - Keep Alive power
KDD - Keyboard Display Driver
kg - Kilogram
kg/h - Kilograms per Hour
kHz - Kilohertz
km - Kilometer
km/h - Kilometers per Hour
km/l - Kilometers per Litre
KOEO - Key On Engine Off
KOER - Key On Engine Running
kPa - Kilopascal
KS - Knock Sensor
kV - Kilovolts
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L - Liter(s)
L4 - Four Cylinder Inline Engine
LATCH - Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren
LB - Long Box, Long Bed
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
LCM - Lighting Control Module
LDCL - Left Door Close Locking
LDCM - Left Door Control Module
LDDT - Light Duty Diesel Truck
LDGT - Light Duty Gasoline (fueled) Truck
LDP - Leak Detection Pump
lduty - Light Duty
LEADER - Low Emissions Advanced Engine Range
LED - Light Emitting Diode
LEP - Light Emitting Polymer
LF - Left Front
LFC - Lamp Fault Code
LFC - Low Fan Control
LFWS - Left Front Wheel Speed
LFCS - Low Flow Cooling System
LFP - Low Fuel pump
LGM - Lift Gate Module
LH - Left Hand
LIE - Laterally Inclined Engine
LMD - Left Mid Door
LNG - Liquid Natural Gas
LO - Low
LOMA - Lifter Oil Manifold Assembly
LOS - Limited Operation Strategy
LPG - Liquified Petroleum Gas
LPM - Litres Per Minute
LPS - Low Pressure Sensor
LR - Left Rear
LR - Loaded Radius
LRA - Latching Rocker Arm
LRD - Left Rear Door
lrn - Learn
LSD - Limited Slip Differential
LSEGR - Linear Solenoid Exhaust Gas Recirculation
LSP and BV - Load Sensing Proportioning and Bypass Valve
LSUV - Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle
LT - Left
LT - Long Term (Fuel Trim)
LTA - Low Temperature Aftercooling
LTD - Long-Travel Dampened (clutch)
LTPWS - Low Tire Pressure Warning System
LUS Lock-Up Solenoid (see TCC)
LV8 - Load Variable 8 Cylinder
LVDT - Linear Variable Differential Transducer
LVL - Level
LWB - Long WheelBase (see LB)

MAF - Mass Air Flow
malf - Malfunction
MALL - Multifunction Alarm Lighting and Locking
MAN - Manufacturer
MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure
MAT - Manifold Air Temperature
MC - Measuring Core
MC - Mixture Control
MCM - Message Center Module
MCU - Microprocessor Control Unit
MD - Mini Disc
MD - Modulated Displacement
MDP - Manifold Differential Pressure
MDS(2) - Mopar Diagnostic System
MDX - Mini Disc Changer
MECS - Mazda Electronic Control System
med - Medium
MEM - Memory
MEMCAL - Memory Calibration
MFI - Multiport Fuel Injection
MGMT - Management
MIC - Mechanical Instrument Cluster
MID - Midrange
MID - Monitor Identification
MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp
MIN - Minute(s)
MIN - Mobile Identification Number
MIP - Mixer Inlet Pressure
ML - Manual Longitudinal
MLP(s) - Manual Lever Position (sensor)
mm - Millimetre
mm3 - Cubic Millimetre(s)
MMC - Manifold Mounted Converter
MMT - Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl
MPa - Megapascal
MPFI - Multiport Fuel Injection
ms - Millisecond
MSFF - Miles Since First Fail
MSLF - Miles Since Last Fail
MSO - Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
MSRP - Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price
MST - Manifold Surface Temperature
MTBE - Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether
MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures
MTV - Manifold Tuning Valve
MV - Megavolt
mV - Millivolt
MVLPS - Manual Valve Lever Position Sensor
MVSA - Motor Vehicle Safety Act
MVSS - Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
MY - Model Year

NAAO - North American Automotive Operations
NAICC - Navigation-Aided Intelligent Cruise Control
NC - Normally Closed
NCAP - New Car Assessment Program
NEG - Negative
NFF - No Fault Found
NG - Natural Gas
NGS - New Generation STAR (Self Test Automatic Readout)
NGSC - Next Generation Speed Control
NGV - Natural Gas Vehicle
NGV - New Generation Vehicle
NGVM - Natural Gas Vehicle Module
NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NLGI - National Lubricating Grease Institute
N-m - Newton Meters
NO - Normally Open
NOx - Nitrogen Oxides
NPTC - National Pipe Thread Coarse
NPTF - National Pipe Thread Fine
NVH - Noise, Vibration and Harshness
NVLD - Natural Vacuum Leak Detection
NVRAM - Non Volatile Random Access Memory
NYCC - New York City Cycle


O2 - Oxygen
O2S - Oxygen Sensor
OBD - On Board Diagnostics
OBD II - On Board Diagnostics, Generation 2
OC - Oxidation Catalyst Only
OCC - Output Circuit Check
OCR - Oil Control Ring
OD - Outside Diameter
OD - Overdrive
OE - Original Equipment
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OHC - Overhead Camshaft
OL - Open Loop
OLED - Organic Light Emitting Diode
OPR - Over Pressure Relief
ORC - Oxidation Reduction Converter
OSC - Output State Check
OSC - Output State Control
OSGI - Open-Service Gateway Interface
OSS - Output Shaft Speed (sensor)
OTC - Overhead Trip Computer
OTIS - Overhead Travel Information System

PAB - Passenger Air Bag
PADS - Passenger Airbag Disarm Switch
PAG - Polyalkylene Glycol
PAG - (Ford) Premier Automotive Group
PAIR - Pulsed Secondary Air Injection
PASE - PAssive Start and Entry system
PASM - Porche Active Steering Management
PASS - Personalized Automotive Security System
PATS - Passive Anti-Theft System
PCB - Printed Circuit Board
PCM - Powertrain Control Module
PCI - Programmable Communications Interface
PCI - Programmable Controller Interface
PCS - Pre-Crash Sensor
PCS - Pressure Control Solenoid
PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PDC - Park Distance Control
PDC - Parts Distribution Center
PDC - Power Distribution Center
PDS - Portable Diagnostic Software
PEM - Proton Electric Membrane
PEMFC - Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
PEP - Peripheral Expansion Port
PFE - Pressure Feedback EGR
PFI - Port Fuel Injection
PFM - PDS File Manager
PHT - Parallel Hybrid Truck
PID - Parameter Identification
PIP - Profile Ignition Pickup (replaced with CKP)
PKE - Passive Keyless Entry
PM - Permanent Magnet
PMD - Pump Mounted Driver
P/N - Part Number
PNP - Park/Neutral Position
POA - Pilot Operated Absolute
POS - Positive
POT - Potentiometer
P-PC - Pocket Personal Computer
ppm - Parts Per Million
PPS - Passenger Presence Sensor
PROM - Programmable Read Only Memory
PROX - PReferential OXidation
PS - Power Steering
PSA - Pressure Switch Assembly
PSD - Power Sliding Door
psi - Pounds Per Square Inch
PSIR - Passenger Side Inflatable Restraint
PSM - Passenger Seat Module
PSOM - Programmable Speedometer/Odometer Module
PSP - Power Steering Pressure
PSV - Public Service Vehicle
PTC - Pending Trouble Code
PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient
PTO - Power Takeoff
PTOX - Periodic Trap Oxidizer
PTU - Part Throttle Unlock
PWM - Pulse Width Modulation
PWR - Power
PZEV - Partial Zero Emision Vehicle

QDM - Quad Driver Module
QDR - Quality, Durability, Reliability
QVM - Qualified Vehicle Modifier

RABS - Rear Antilock Brake System
RAM - Random Access Memory
RAM - Ride Air Module
RAP - Remote Anti-theft Module
RAP - Retained Access Power
RBC - Rotary Blade Coupling
RCC - Remote Climate Control
RDS - Radio (broadcast) Data System
RECIS - Remote Entry Control and Immobilizer System
REDOX - Reduction Oxidation Catalytic Converter
REEGR - Rotary Electric EGR
REF - Reference
RESC - Remote Emergency Satellite Unit
RF - Radio Frequency
RF - Right Front
RFF - Roller Finger Followers
RFI - Radio Frequency Interference
RKE - Remote Keyless Entry
RM - Relay Module
ROM - Read Only Memory
RPM - Remote Power Module
RPM - Revolutions Per Minute
RPO - Regular Production Option
R&R - Remove and Replace
RR - Right Rear
RSC - Roll Stability Control
RSS - Reverse Sensing System
R/T - Road/Track
RTD - Real Time Dampening
RTN - Return
RTV - Room Temperature Vulcanizing
RVP - Reid Vapour Pressure
RWAL - Rear Wheel Anti-lock
RWD - Rear Wheel Drive

SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers
SAS - Side Auxiliary Sensor
SATC - Semi-Auto Temperature Control module
SAVDAS - Stand-Alone Vehicle Data Aquisition System
SAW - Spark Angle Word
SB - Short Box, Short Bed
SBDS - Service Bay Diagnostic System
SBEC - Single Board Engine Controller (replaced with PCM)
SBS - Supercharger Bypass Solenoid
SBT - Serial Bus Traveller
SC - Supercharger
SCA - Supplemental Coolant Additive
SCB - Supercharger Bypass
SCCA - Sports Car Club of America
SCI - Serial Communications Interface
SCIL - Steering Column/Instrument panel Lighting
SCS - Side Crash Sensor
SCTM - Seatbelt Timer Control Module
SDARS - Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service
SDM - Sensing and Diagnostic Module
SDM - Sensor Diagnostic Module
SDS - Satellite Discriminating Sensor
SDS - Shock Dampening System
SDV - Spark Delay Valve
SEFI - Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection (replaced with SFI)
SEO - Special Equipment Option
SES - Service Engine Soon (replaced with MIL)
SFI - Sequential Multiport (Electronic) Fuel Injection
SGCM - Starter/Generator Control Module
SHO - Super High Output
SIG RTN - Signal Return
SIL - Shift Indicator Lamp
SIR - Supplemental Inflatable Restraint
SIS - Side Impact Sensor
SKIM - Sentry Key Imobilizer Module
SMEC - Single Module Engine Controller (replaced with PCM)
SMPI - Sequential Multi-Port Injection
SNSR - Sensor
SO2 - Sulphur Dioxide
SOC - State Of Charge
SPD - Speed
SPL - Smoke Puff Limiter
SPOUT - Spark Output
SPS - Service Programming System
SRC - Selective Ride Control
SRG - Solar-Reflective Glass
SrPP - Self-reinforced PolyPropylene
SRS - Supplemental Restraint System
SS - Shift Solenoid
SSM - Suspension Steering Module
ST - Scan Tool
ST - Short Term (Fuel Trim)
STAR - Self Test Automatic Readout (tester)
STAR - Stolen Auto Recovery System
STC - Step Timing Control
STI - Self Test Input
STO - Self Test Output
STS - Service Technicians Society
SWB - Short WheelBase (see SB)
SWS - SideWall tension Sensor

TAB - Thermactor Air Bypass (replaced with AIRB)
TAC - Throttle Actuator Control
TACM - Throttle Actuator Control Module
TAD - Thermactor Air Divert (replaced with AIRD)
TACH - Tachometer
TAP - Transmission Adaptive Pressure
TB - Throttle Body
TBC - Truck Body Computer
TBI - Throttle Body Fuel Injection
TC - Turbocharger
TCC - Torque Converter Clutch
TCCS - Toyota Computer Controlled System
TCIL - Transmission Control Indicator Lamp
TCM - Transmission Control Module
TCS - Traction Control System
TCS - Transmission Control Switch
TDC - Top Dead Center
TDI - Toyota Direct Ignition
TEMP - Temperature
TFI - Thick Film Integrated (replaced with DI)
TFT - Transmission Fluid Temperature
TGS - Top Gear Switch
THEMIS - Thermal Management Intelligent System
THM - Turbo Hydra-Matic
THS - Transmission Hydraulic Switch
TID - Test Identification
TIIS - Thermal Imaging Inspection Station
TOT - Transmission Oil Temperature
TP - Throttle Position
TPI - Tuned Port Injection
TPM - Tire Pressure Monitor
T-RAC - Trailer Rotating Air Chamber
TRDU - Trailer Remote Diagnostic Unit
TR(s) - Transmission Range (sensor)
TSA - Thorax Side Airbag
TSB - Technical Service Bulletin
TSI - Two Speed Idle
TSS - Transmission Speed Sensor
TTS - Transmission Temperature Switch (replaced with TOT)
TV - Throttle Valve
TVR - Turbine Vane Regulator
TVS - Thermal Vacuum Switch
TVV - Thermal Vacuum Valve
TWC - Three Way Catalyst
TWC+OC - Three Way Catalyst + Oxidation Catalyst
TXV - Thermal Expansion Valve

UASID - Units And Scaling Identification
UART - Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter
UD - Underdrive
UDDS - Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule
UIDI - Up-Integrated Direct Ignition
ULEV - Ultra Low Emisions Vehicle
UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
USCAR - United States Council for Automotive Research
UTQG - Uniform Tire Quality Grading

V - Volts
V2G - Vehicle to Grid
VAC - Vacuum
VAF - Vane Air Flow
VAF - Volume Air Flow
VAPS - Variable Assist Power Steering
VAPS - Virtual Automotive Prototyping System
VASCO - Vehicle Application-Specific Computer
VAT - Vane Air Temperature (replaced with IAT)
VAT - Visual Authoring Tool
VATS - Vehicle AntiTheft System
VB - Valve body
VCC - Viscous Converter Clutch
VCL - Vehicle Communication Link
VCM - Variable Cylinder Management
VCM - Vehicle Communication Module
VCM - Vehicle Control Module
VCRM - Variable Control Relay Module
VDCS - Vehicle Dynamics Control System
VDIS - Vehicle Diagnostic Information System
VDS - Valve Deactivation System
VDM - Vehicle Dynamics Module
VDM - Vehicle Dynamics Monitor
VDOT - Variable Displacement Orifice Tube
VDP - Vehicle Dynamics Processor
VDV - Vacuum Delay Valve
VECI - Vehicle Emission Control Information
VEDR - Vehicle Event Data Recorder
VF - Vacuum Flourescent
VGT - Variable Geometry Turbocharger
VIC - Virtual Image Cluster module
VIN - Vehicle Identification Number
VIP - Vehicle Intrusion Protection
VLCM - Variable Load Control Module
VMV - Vacuum Modulator Valve
VMV - Vapour Management Valve
VNT - Variable Nozzle Turbine
VNT - Variable Nozzle Turbocharger
VOTM - Vacuum Operated Throttle Modulator
VPWR - Vehicle Power
VR - Vacuum Regulator
VREF - Voltage Reference
VRLA - Valve Regulated Lead Acid
VRV - Vacuum Reducer Valve
VRIS - Variable Resonance Induction System
VS - Variable Speed
VSC - Vehicle Stability Control
VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor
VTA - Vehicle Theft Alarm
VTEC - Variable (valve) Timing (and lift)Electronic Control
VTSS - Vehicle Theft Security System
VVT-i - Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence
VVTL-i - Variable Valve Timing and Lift with Intelligence

WAC - Wide Open Throttle A/C Cutoff
W/B - Wheelbase
WCF - Wireless Communication Framework
WDS - Worldwide Diagnostic System
WIF - Water In Fuel (sensor)
WOT - Wide Open Throttle
WSS - Wheel Speed Sensor
WU-OC - Warmup Catalyst with Oxidation Catalyst
WU-TWC - Warmup Catalyst with Three Way Catalyst
WVVWS - Wireless Vehicle to Vehicle Warning System

xVDS - Extended Vehicle Diagnostic System

ZEV - Zero Emission Vehicle
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