Author Topic: FS - NSW southcoast, U12 corsair, $100, runs/drives, good for parts or resto  (Read 840 times)

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Hello all,
my old corsair has got to go and i would hate to crush it after all i've bee through with it.
It over heated and did a head gasket and rings a while ago and has been in storage since, ive done the head work, shaved ported and MLS headgasket with arp studs but it still needs the rings done. Ive moved on, have a kid on the way and a race car to build and thus the corsair has no place in the family anymore nor i have the time to fix it.

the fuel line burst last weekend and that will need replacing to drive it. ive pulled it apart and found it was the high pressure side between the tank and solid line that failed. hesitant to replace due to the low asking price.
so come and get it.
here is the gumtree FS add and a heap of links within the forum to work thats been done.,19950.0.html,18684.0.html

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