Author Topic: F/S really random tidbits from my old TRX and u12 SSS bluebird (melb location)  (Read 1048 times)

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Hey guys,

Been a very long time since I've come back to these forums as I've bought different cars since my Pintara TRX and U12 SSS days.

I have some random stuff I've found that may be interest to some, or maybe not.

Just thought I would post it anyway.

Since you guys are the pros I'll let you all determine what some of these parts are exactly, since it's been too long for me to remember.

From memory the parts are:
u12 speedo sensor gearbox mechanism?
u12 jdm bonnet light (unsure of condition)
u12 pillarless window rubber piece (rare and was imported from Japan a long time ago)
u12 rotating ash tray (OEM SSS part?)
u12 trx rear light board
u12 trx under rear light garnish/panel

Apologies if I'm wrong. Feel free to correct and let me know if any parts interest you.

I don't know how to post photos here so I'll just put a ad on gumtree.

I'm open to offers, so just let me know via my gumtree ad. Thanks.

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Prices are steep