Author Topic: ka24e with a supercharger?  (Read 2129 times)

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ka24e with a supercharger?
« on: May 24, 2012, 12:54AM »
hi guys, chasing opinions, questions and advice on my idea of a supercharged ka24e? my mate has got a sc14 supercharger he wants to sell me, but i just wanted to know how well this idea would work. ive been goggling like crazy to find out pros and cons of it all and what set up others are just chasing some more info from you guys. this is just a project car and i wouldn't mind doing something different then most. im only planing to run about 8 psi. from what ive read the stock ka block can handle about 10 psi boost but depending on the turbo/supercharger. I personally feel that it would handle it fine being a small super plus a few mods would help.

also have the other idea of swapping the 24e for the 24de, colby has offered to sell his car to me but im still in two minds.

if i did stick with the single cam, i would like to put

-r4 cams + solid lifter kit
- 460cc injectors+ fuel rail
-r32/z32 afm

i dont want to go over board with it,but what else is a "definite need" to run a set up like this,or if this set up would even empress you guys.

Oh, n before i get hounded about turbos,,,,, yes i agree they are better to smaller motors, but thats not the vibe im looking for. cheers