Author Topic: Timing Chain Rattle <> To buy New Kit or Remove 2 Guides ???  (Read 1247 times)

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 ::)Hi guys, ihave a 94 Nissan Bluey SSS and has 150,400 on the clock and have annyoing timing chain rattle. I have done alot of research and here what i have come up with...

Either i can buy a whole new timing chain kit and replace it all...


Remove the top guide and the side guide....

I have taken the top cover off and removed the TOP guide off and it still rattled even more when i went for a drive. My Top chain was pretty tight and wasnt loose at all.
Not sure about my bottom chain and the guide and side tensioner guide there.
Im really lost and dont know what to do, im on melbourne and have been quoted $120 for the kit and $200 flat for the labour...i know this a repost and that there are more posts on this but im in need of help please.
If anyone has experienced this problem and has found the solution to it, please i would love to hear from you and everyone eles who has info or their opinon on this matter. Like i said my rattling is not bad, alittle loud but you can hear it when the car has warmed up after 5 minutes and also when driving and hitting the 2000RPM line it rattles also. All help is greatly appreciated and thanks for reading guys! ;)
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Re: Timing Chain Rattle <> To buy New Kit or Remove 2 Guides ???
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well i assume this particular issue has been resolved, since it was ages ago. however, as a mechanic, i cant recommend that you remove chain guides. It's rattling because either the guides are worn out and need replacing, or the chain is worn out and stretched (and needs replacing). If they want to do it for you for $320, go there. That's really cheap for a timing chain job.