Author Topic: Light switch for the boot light  (Read 619 times)

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Light switch for the boot light
« on: Mar 9, 2015, 08:50PM »
Noticed today that the boot light was staying on when the boot was closed.  I thought that the switch might need adjusting to ensure that the boot hinge pushes on the switch.  (This explains the occasional battery drain).

Well, the switch is adjusted fine and the hinge depresses the switch and yet the light in the boot was staying on.  After several bad thoughts (all I know about electrical stuff is not to let the smoke out - and I know even less about auto electrics!) I pulled the bulb to stop the battery drain.

Checked this site in case there was a thread on the boot light switch (nope.) and then went and hit the switch with some WD40, wiggled the wires and pressed the switch in and out vigourously.

Jolly thing works fine now...!! I suspect that the spring inside the switch was not releasing and a bit of lube has helped.  

Always something in a 25 year old car!
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