Author Topic: Wanted- Trx manual, location - S,E Melbourne , vic  (Read 658 times)

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Wanted- Trx manual, location - S,E Melbourne , vic
« on: Jul 12, 2013, 03:13AM »
Before you start messaging me i want to let you know why and what i need the car for.
Story of my passion- I came to australia in 2001 with my family, the first car my dad got was u12  Nissan pintara for 3g$ at the time (which is an amazing deal), every one in my family used the car for everything. Unfortunately the car didn't last long enough to see me get my p's. Now that i got my p's im in search of one.

Condition- If your car doesn't meet these conditions don't bother messaging me
 Kms- <200k
must come with rwc
Im not fussy about service books, but if you have it it will make the deal sealing allot easier
Mods- preferably none

Located- I'm Dandenong but will travel a reasonable distance if i think the car is worth it

Contact- Pav 0433145571 (txt only please)

Best before date to message me - Nov, 2013. (Already looking into other cars)