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nice day
« on: Oct 1, 2013, 12:13AM »
 ;D we were up the street on Saturday morning and it was a cracker ,around 24 degres & at the start of spring?bring the warmpth on. 8) OK it goes like this,There was 9 of us just me my Sons & partners etc,W e as usual in a small town stopped 2 chat with a few mates,etc,Each time the sponce was generally hey & etc my 2nd Son SAID Nice Day,etc,After quite a few times as we progressed up the street I knowing Nathan,I thought HE is up 2 something?? as his intro was the same :NICE DAY: with a cheeky Grinnnn,so 2 speak.THNNN a mate we all had not seen 4 a while.& mind u he is a VVVery big Lad,6ft 7in & a 150kelos, says,, man  yah its..... NICE IN THE SUN.. my Son Replied,,,Yah...... BUT.... its ....NICER IN THE DAUGHTER,  :o F;;;k it dropped me ;D..He just looked. Thought about it for a bit then replied.MAN I sound gay ::).. I had 2 walk away....HE is Wrong, :o its rea,,,,,l,Hope yah had a laugh,,,,,cheers,ps no spell checks here I hope.hahaha,man double laugh if have been corrected ::) 222.HA the next time u hear those words  :-XLOL.