Author Topic: Who wants to sleep with Noss?  (Read 12464 times)

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Re: Who wants to sleep with Noss?
« Reply #60 on: Mar 15, 2008, 06:33PM »
I'm slow.

Dave, you're an absolute [i seem to suffer from tourettes] bag, i thought you were fucking banned. oh well, you are now. Dickhead.

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Re: Who wants to sleep with Noss?
« Reply #61 on: Nov 23, 2009, 11:56PM »

Oh god, I'm so sorry to dig up and old ooooold thread, but I'm hardly ever here and this whole dave-trx saga completely slipped by me. All I can really say is God bless karma!

I remember "arguing" (loosely because it's like arguing with a fence post) with him previously over his comments and lack of interest in topics etc etc... and actually got told to be nice to him etc. Glad to see the asshat got seen for his true colours and got punted. Never liked the dude, always always ALWAYS sooo negative.

kudos fellas, and keep up the good work.

Even though I never ended up owning a TRX I came so close it's not funny and still have a soft spot for them and will chat to an owner if I see them/tell them about the site. Also met a lot of good people/friends from this place.

gg antrx ^_^

PS - noss isn't quite my type. Too much makeup lol =)
(the above was a joke for the dave's that may still be among you =P)
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Re: Who wants to sleep with Noss?
« Reply #62 on: Nov 24, 2009, 09:25AM »
lol ok i'll try put a little less on from now on :P - free image hosting for whatever you like