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Thanks Noss
« on: Sep 28, 2018, 01:32AM »
Hello all,

Thought I'd get nostalgic and check the place out again. Looking at the forum stats, it sure was a hell of a time in the early-mid 2000s and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this online community. I don't know what it is about the internet today, but it's just not like it was when we were all posting and having genuinely pleasant (for the most part) interactions as denizens of a common landscape and with a common interest that wasn't divisive like things seem to be nowadays. Each time I come back and have a browse through things, I'm left ever sadder that this mode of interaction fell out of favour on the internet and that we now have the likes of manufactured Facebook outrage and horrible subreddits.

Anyway, I enjoyed my time here and wanted to thank you again Noss for providing this platform (and continuing to host it!).

And I'm still nostalgic about the old warhorse - I'm quite confident that I've never felt as comfortable and satisfied as a driver as when I was in my Corsair (even if, in hindsight, my particular example was a heap of crap). I've been through a number of other vehicles, but none strike that same balance.