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New member with a few questions
« on: Sep 5, 2015, 06:38PM »
Hi community, it's very nice to be on board.  :)

I have just become the owner of my second 1995 Bluebird SSS. I am looking at doing a little bit of work on it, but I have not owned a SSS for about ten years now, and the changes that I want to make, I cannot As well as this, a number of webpages I have looked at seem to contain conflicting information. Also, I should specify that I am looking for information regarding the Australian version of the car please, so on with my questions:

1. On the heater controls on the dashboard, I recall on my old SSS that they appeared to be lit from the back. Is this the case? Because that part of my dashboard does not appear to be illuminated. I even contacted my local Nissan dealer, and they did not know!

2. The radio speakers have been blown by the previous owner. I would like to keep the car as original as possible. Are these a standard size?

3. I get no light on the cruise control switch, can this be replaced with anything?

4. The markings have worn out on the gear change knob, can I get a replacement, or is this a standard size piece.

5. Finally: My headlights appear to be a little bit dim (but I have previously been driving a new Renault, so, this is an unfair comparison). I have seen replacement globes (non-HID) that are rated at 90 low / 100 high. Has anybody ever fitted these to their Bluebird?

Once again, thanks to anybody who may be able to enlighten me on these items. Want to work hard to restore this beautiful car to it's former glory.