Author Topic: U13 Attess RHS (Driver) Inner Shaft Needed  (Read 1093 times)

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U13 Attess RHS (Driver) Inner Shaft Needed
« on: Mar 6, 2014, 02:06AM »
Hi all,

I'm trying to find a source for the RHS LSD - Sr20det AWD inner CV joint. But I cant seem to find one any where.
Mine is shot to hell.

Im new to the u13 Club ( from the Caribbean) recently a U13 Attessa.  It was converted from Auto to Manual previously and the last owner had drive train problems so he got rid of it. I got it with a spare GTiR Gearbox (Never installed)  I still need to confirm if the last conversion was done correctly i.e using the right transfer case etc.

Could you guys help? I just need to confirm what Transfer Case is currently on the car