Author Topic: New u13 ATTESSA owner - Need some help with my car please  (Read 1209 times)

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Hi All

I'm from the Caribbean.
I just got a JDM u13 SR20DET ATTESSA from a friend as he just wanted a "new" daily beater for the family instead.

It also came with a "spare" GTIR Transmission
It has some issues that needs sorting out.

These are the issues so far

Clutch Replacement - I Figure S13/S14 Clutch Combo will work here

Inner RHS CV Joint (VLSD) I cant seem to find this anywhere. Got the Car with it totally destroyed- some help needed

Rear Struts - Where can I get these? is the FWD and these the same?

GTIR BOX installation - If I decided to out this in the car, will I have an issue? Ive read that U13 and GTiR Final Drive ratios are different. Should I/ Could I  swap out the Transfer Case with the U13 one. ..Ok Update..  I figured this one out .. Make sure transfer case and rear diff matches.

Looking forward to some fun times.


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Re: New u13 ATTESSA owner - Need some help with my car please
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gtir clutch..fwd sr20 , g20, b13, primera. etc?

maybe do a search on the struts, there is a bit of info on here about that.
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