Author Topic: "The 7 Dwafs"  (Read 661 times)

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"The 7 Dwafs"
« on: Oct 1, 2013, 12:45AM »
7 Dwarfs go out for the night whilst on holidays in iceland :) Big  night Grumpy staggers in the sun rising smiling hard & busting out as he shoves open the door,Hey Dudes I scored a NUN?? silence, no way  Yes I did,They all went down the road to the convent,There they Knocked loud & the priest opened the slide on the huge door.YYEESS WHAT DO U WHANT!!! Excuse me Father is there any Dwarf  Nuns here?? NNOO??..IS there any visiting ??NNOO?? any in the State??NNOO,,OH.OKT :'(hanks Father,,He shuts the slide.. ???.they all walked off leaving Grumpy,head down/..Then looking Back they all yelled out??GRUMPY ..F..KED   A  Penguin Grumpy F,,,,,,,,A,,,P,,,,,???ha it will grow on YAH,LOL,cheers. :-\