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Some issues
« on: Jan 25, 2013, 06:12PM »
Hi guys, newish pintara owner here with a few problems..

Ive read through some posts relating to the same kind of problems, but most havent been solved or, or similar but not identical to mine. I have a 1989 2.4 Auto U12 Pintara, picked it up just before the new year with rego til September and just passed RWC. I was intending on keeping the car as long as possible, but it was bought in NSW and ive moved to QLD, and the issues are making me rethink about keeping it.

Car has an annoying rattle from the front right side when you ease off the acclerator, Im assuming its the engine mount as its sagged down and rubber is split on the far side - Whats the best plan of action - new OEM part or good 2nd hand part?

Starter is on its way out, the brushes are worn on one side so depending on where it stops it may or may not start the next turn of the key, i have to whizz it up by crossing the connectors with a spanner, then I can get it to start with the key. Ive order a good 2nd hand unit with warranty, so will hopefully sort that.

When you drive the car normally, it revs and changes gear perfectly, but if i press the accelerator hard to the floor, the car gains speed as it should but fails to change up, it hits 5k rpm then starts bouncing as if its hit the limiter. It does this in all gears, so the only way to go faster is to gently build up the speed. Any ideas?

My inhibitor switch relay is missing from the engine fuse box, where would I get a replacement? Are there any non oem relays that suit that connector style?

Apart from that the car drives really good, is tight in the corners and is pretty okay on fuel for the size and wieght of it getting around 550 to 600 on UL91 a bit less on e10+UL91

Thanks in advance for any help guys!