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body kits
« on: Oct 11, 2012, 01:00AM »
hi i have been looking and looking for a nice after market body kit that would fit on my u13 bluebird and had no luck as most of them are not a straight fit and have to do mods to them to get them to fit but tonight i have just found a full custom kit made for a 97 u13 bluebird with front and rear bumper and side skirts owner is asking for 400 for the kit and im going to have a look at it this friday arvo so i can get a better look at the mounting and the kit in its self if its any good will have to buy it seen pics of it on a u13 that it came off and looked like a really nice car with it on will let you all know how it go's and is $400 a good price for a full custom body kit for a u13 bluebird