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Bluebird upgrade question
« on: Aug 24, 2011, 02:24PM »
Hey guys just wondering what needs to be changed or replaced to add a turbo kit onto a 1994 U13 SSS Bluebird and is their any particular brand of turbo kit I should be trying to get? Does anyone know anyone on Brisbane northside around Boondal area that is cheap and does a good job?

Name: Zeke
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         1994 series 1 R33 GTS25T Skyline
Colours: White
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            5sp Manual
Engines: KA24DE
Odometer: 320,000
Recent work:
Bluebird:Gearbox rebuild, changed all interior lights to blue LEDs
Bluebird: 15x6.5 Rims, Nardi Steering Wheel
Skyline: 18x9 Rims, Full 3" Exhaust, Fold out screen head unit, 12" Sub, 400R front bumper, GTR Wing.
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Bluebird: September 2009
Skyline: April 2012
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Re: Bluebird upgrade question
« Reply #1 on: Aug 24, 2011, 10:08PM »
Hey guys just wondering what needs to be changed or replaced to add a turbo kit...
The search button is your friend. It's in the top right hand corner, not trying to be rude - I didn't see it at first either. Non-turbo---> turbo has been done countless times. Project thread, or U13 performance threads are your friends as well. To give you a vague idea - ecu, injectors, im assuming the "kit" comes with the intercooler/plumbing and all the other bits and pieces? if so thats most of the stuff done.. labour will be a bitch. As for which ones to get, depends on what size you want, and how high you want it to spool.