Author Topic: Distributor problems (soon to be "WTF, how do I fix the timing???" :) )  (Read 25755 times)

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Bloody U13's!!

Looking through this thread, to my MUCH earlier posts before I had a U13 with a KA24DE, is a bit strange considering I just had the same issue of my Bluebird cutting out on the highway for no apparent reason!

Read through this thread, opened up the distributor and what do you know, shitloads of oil!! Off to buy some contact cleaner/degreaser now and then drill a hole in the bottom of the cap so the oil can escape.

Stupid friggin U13 distributors!!
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Replace the seal ya lazy bastard! :)
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I had the same issue recently. Ended up cleaning the distributor out with petrol in a trigger spray bottle and then drilling a hole in the bottom so the oil runs out. Worked well. Replacing the internal seal isn't the most straightforward exercise in the world...

I actually sourced a near new non-genuine replacement from the wreckers for $35 (distributor, cap and leads) but haven't bothered changing it as my gearbox needs work.