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Title: Head gasket
Post by: mc on Jun 24, 2018, 08:42PM
...189000 miles and it let go, car was running excellent with the replaced fuel injectors and timing chain kit overhaul...the week prior in had did a compression test as I was replacing the spark plugs...those numbers were 165psi across the board....after blowing the gasket all numbers were good except cylinder 4 which dropped to 145psi...I have the factory shop manual and broke it down step by step and sure enough it was a small water passage into the cylinder was damaged....not to bad getting it disassembled other than those lower intake bolts at rear firewall....spent a lot  of time carefully scrapping the aluminum head surface and cleaning everything...replaced head gasket, both intake and exhaust manifold gaskets....I removed/capped off the egr,but, scv.....it started on the first try and idles really nice and no issues with the head....car drives amazing....re did the compression and numbers are even at 165psi.
Title: Re: Head gasket
Post by: pedro666 on Jul 20, 2018, 01:13AM