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« on: Jul 22, 2012, 11:20AM »
Its pretty big at the moment, seems to be the new trend.. For you's that don't know what it is; its a pre workout powder (mix with water); makes you last longer in the gym, mass energy boost, more reps without fatigue. Its been banned through some countries, and Olympics sports ect because although its natural, it does the same as a steroid.

But anyone here tried it lol?
My brother has some, gonna try it and see if it works like it claims and helps climb mt mt tibrogargan today..

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Re: Jack3d
« Reply #1 on: Jul 22, 2012, 05:42PM »
Pre workouts in General can work but you have to be careful for various reasons.

They are banned because half of it isn't good long term especially if you take it alot.

Also don't forget your body gets used to it so you have do cycles.

When you finish a gym session, you need to get it out of your system otherwise you won't sleep. Drinking heaps of water helps but one of the best ways is sweating it out in the Sauna.

Some pre workouts work too quickly.

I haven't taken Jack3d but know friends that do.. And they moved on as it wasn't effective after awhile.

I have tried others for the heck of it, no real difference.

For me, I'm against pre-workouts as the way I see it, you should push yourself rather than relying on a pre-workout otherwise what happens when your body gets used to it.

The most I have if I am tired is a V or coffee time to time but never every workout.
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Re: Jack3d
« Reply #2 on: Jul 22, 2012, 06:26PM »
Yeah i agree with the fact that its not good long term, and personally i don't like the idea of 'additives' apart from protein shakes ect..

Had taken it before the mountain climb today and there was defiantly a difference, didn't feel anywhere near as tired nor did fatigue the way up or down. It was interesing to try but i don't think id use it often.

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Re: Jack3d
« Reply #3 on: Jul 24, 2012, 11:39AM »
this is probably overly obvious but a healthy diet is a simple way to reduce fatigue. and by healthy i don't mean no carbs / high protein, you need a balanced diet including carbs (even if you're trying to lose weight) to remain hydrated. carbs acutally store water which your body uses. if you are eating a low carb / high protein diet you need to drastically increase your water intake to prevent fatigue not only during work outs but just during day to day activity.

caffeine is actually good for reducing fat stores. it encourages the use of fat stores when working out. in the average person, peak caffeine levels in the body are between 45-60mins from ingestion. try to have caffeine so that it peaks mid workout. due to the extra available of the fatty acids in the body during the work out, you will also notice increased endurance. if you go to

if you take a close look at the majority of pre workout shakes etc, the ingredients nearly always contain some level of caffeine. the other stimulant in jack3d is methylhexanamine which can be dangerous when taken with caffeine in high doses.

assess what you're eating pre and post workout. not saying stay away from the powders etc. just the average person doing average workouts should be able to eat their required protein without the need for supplements. - free image hosting for whatever you like

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Re: Jack3d
« Reply #4 on: Jul 25, 2012, 07:15PM »
hi, stumbled across this thread... tried jack3d recently, just a little bit recreationally.

my cousin bought a couple of tubs of the original stuff just before it was banned in oz, about a month ago. definitely a little bit of a buzz there.

in fact, the main point of this post is to warn you that my cousin can no longer work out without it. completely lethargic without it. he is hooked.

however the version that is now sold no longer has the DMAA in it (which happened to synergise really well with the caffeine also in it).

i'm sure the same goes for mesomorph. i think shotgun also contains the scheduled substance.

anyway, regarding the dehydration/sleep issue, one should avoid using such formulas if working out in the arvo/late arvo. also, the 4 litres of water or whatever it is, required to flush the crap out of your system takes other stuff out with it, so taking hi-potency multivitamin supplements is recommended afterwards too. there's a whole bunch of recovery stuff you can take post workout too including natural muscle developers and tribulus, iirc. and xtend can be used during training, which helps my cousin a lot.

at night, he takes these ultra high potency magniesium tablets that help him switch right off at night before bed despite all of the junk he pumps into his body. i'm not sure what else is in it, but it gave me a very relaxing sleep when i tried it. woke up feeling refreshed albeit a few hours before i was supposed to. that's how good it was. i can get names of all of these substances and products if people are interested. however you all probably know more about it than me.

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