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Baby cough how to do?
« on: Apr 13, 2012, 08:15PM »
The baby is too small, use of traditional Chinese medicine the kidneys hurt big.

Western medicine also harm the kidneys, but the Western medication component,

according to the baby's weight more scientific. Now you have to listen to doctor's

orders, in strict accordance with the weight of your doctor to feed their children

to eat anti-inflammatory drugs, there is a need injections, fluids have to do. Also

add, if you want baby is not sick, must be careful nursing, because of his low

immunity, all contact with him near his person should wash their hands, to maintain

health. Children sweat clothes wet to be immediately replaced. In fact, the baby is

not cold, if cold and bacterial two contrast, the latter is harmful, that is, if

the children are not warm enough, there is no bacterial infection will not get

sick. Babies with low immunity, once the disease depends almost entirely on drug

resist, usually delay the time can not heal quickly, and too much trouble.

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Re: Baby cough how to do?
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